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Total new roof replacement. Installation of new or replacement gutters. Repair of existing roofing damages, gutters, siding, and interior damage.

                                      Expert Insurance Claims Assistance

Castle Classic Roofing Company offers expert insurance claims assistance. our professionals are well versed in the insurance claim process. We will meet with your adjustor and review your claim to ensure that you have received a fair and complete assessment of any and all damage that may have happened to your property. We will be there to assist you and answer any questions you may have throughout this process. Many of our professionals are themselves either licensed with the insurance board, or have been an adjuster or inspector.
                                              Inspections and Estimates

Castle Classic Roofing Company offers free inspections for any size roofing project. Call us any time Monday thru Saturday to schedule an appointment for your home or business inspection.  (We will provide an estimate upon consultation.)

                                                   Liability Insurance

Safety is our number 1 priority, but as we all know accidents can happen. Castle Classic Roofing Company carries a million dollar insurance policy to protect our clients against on-site accidents.

                                               Warranty and Guarantee

As a contractor for the materials manufacturers we represent, Castle Classic Roofing Company fully supports all manufacturer warranties on those products.
While each product warranty is different, we give you the additional protection and confidence by providing a 5 year workmanship guarantee. if there is a problem with one of our projects due to installation issues, we will be there to repair or replace it.
It is these type of assurances, that make Castle Classic Roofing Company the roofing contractor the DFW metroplex depends on to protect their homes and businesses.

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