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At Castle Classic Roofing Company, we understand that any project for your home or business can be a little overwhelming. In order to make your project go as smoothly as possible, we'd like to give you an idea of what to expect.

* Once we have a signed contract, we will place a sign on your property to let others know that you have chosen us and to discourage other solicitations.

* We will consult with you and schedule a date for your installation. When your materials have been ordered, we will contact you to schedule the delivery of materials, (usually deliver materials the day prior to installation). Materials are placed in your preselected section of your driveway.

* Please keep your driveway cleared of all vehicles & other obstacles in order for our disposal trucks or trailers to have access to your roofline which will enable us to dispose of construction waste and removed shingles. As we begin working early in the morning, (usually between 7-8 AM), please park any garaged vehicle you may need that day on the street the evening prior to installation.

* If you have pets, please make sure they are kept securely inside your home while our workers are present.

* If we are putting on a new roof, there will be lots of noise! So, it may be a great time to schedule something away from home during the day. Also, the workers start early and stay late as required to expedite the process. (Most projects are completed in one day, sometimes two days, depending on the size of the project.) If we are also replacing or adding gutters, that crew usually comes the following day.

* Please, if possible, remove fragile or valuable items from around the structure. While we make every effort to be considerate of your belongings, please take note of anything fragile both inside and outside your dwelling (special plants for example), and remove or cover these items.

* As we are completing the work at your home or business, if it is an insurance claim, we will contact your insurance company with the proper paperwork in order to expedite the inspection and payment process.


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